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Tessa Van Winkle

UCLA Volleyball

Training with Michelle became something I would look forward to every week! Her workouts are very creative and she would put together new routines specific to my sport, beach volleyball, everyday. I love the one-on-one aspect because I am able to focus on what Michelle has me doing and push myself. I noticed that I had more stamina and power when I would compete only after a couple of weeks of working out with Michelle. My older sister Abby went to Michelle her senior year of high school, before heading to UCLA to win a National Championship, and saw significant improvements in her game from her physicality built with Michelle. This motivated me but sadly my training got cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Michelle has been the best and I can’t wait to get back after it in her gym once everything is safe again. When I get to UCLA I know that Michelle’s training is going to be the foundation on which I can build success!

Madison Hogue

University of Texas

I came to start training with Michelle after I had a pretty severe back injury and I was confident that she would help get me back in shape. After sitting out for 2 years, I was looking to improve my strength and quickness to get me ready to step back on the field. While training with Michelle, I always left feeling so accomplished because she pushed me to do my best and get the most out of every rep. I was encouraged and challenged in every session. She prepared me so well and helped me return to The University of Texas strong and confident in my abilities. Training with Michelle has been such an amazing experience not only from the workouts, but the relationship I have built with her as well. I cannot wait to get back to training with Michelle when I get home and continue to get better and stronger every session.

Abby Van Winkle

UCLA Volleyball

When it came time to finding a personal trainer to prepare me for college beach volleyball at UCLA,  training with Michelle was a no brainer. I came to Michelle wanting to improve my overall strength to become less susceptible to injuries as well as approaching workouts with purpose and determination. Michelle’s a former Bruin volleyball player and I knew that she would understand the physical needs of my body as a tall lengthy female athlete. She pushed me and challenged me in every workout which has helped me to establish a strong work ethic in college. It’s been so awesome having her support during my first year at UCLA.

Kayla Scopaz

Santa Margarita Volleyball

Before I started training with Michelle Kyman, I could barely do five push-ups. I’ve been training with her now for over 10 months, and I notice a huge difference in my abilities. Now, I regularly do dozens of pushups with weights and a BOSU  ball. She not only helped me with coordination and endurance, but also rest. She taught me that recovery is just as important as training. She guided me in developing my body and my mind, making me both stronger and more confident. She challenges me and encourages me to work my hardest always. With her help, I achieved all of my most important volleyball goals, such as making the JV team at my high school and the top team at my club. But more importantly, I have a body and mind that I feel great in. Michelle is a role model to me and shows me what it is like to be a strong and dedicated female athlete. Thanks to Michelle Kyman, I am healthy, confident, and strong.

Taylor Wadkins

LBVBC - Class of 2024

Many thanks to my personal trainer  As a young volleyball player, I started working out with Michelle about 10 months ago.  I had worked with other trainers before but after working with Michelle I immediately felt the most comfortable with her.  Her workouts are very challenging, and I am always learning new exercises and techniques. She is always there coaching and inspiring me to be my best.   At the end of each session I definitely feel like I have accomplished something, and I always leave feeling stronger.  Although the workouts are always tough, 
they are extremely fun at the same time.


Michelle is also more than just a trainer to me.  She is a role model of what it takes to be a strong female volleyball player.  She played on a National Championship UCLA Volleyball team and knows what it takes to play at a high level.  She has helped me not only with the physical aspect of the sport but the mental. She is a huge inspiration in my life, and I cannot thank her enough for what she has done for me.     


When I started working with Michelle, I simply wanted to get stronger, quicker and jump higher.  I can definitely say I have accomplished that but also learned so much more.  I look forward to continuing my volleyball journey and can’t imagine doing it without Michelle by my side.

Danielle de Beaubien

Guest Experience Manager - The Resort at Pelican Hill

Words to describe Michelle: motivating, dedicated and inspiring. Michelle is such a great role model to keep me healthy and on track everyday. She offers so much insight and guidance on staying committed to my goals, both in the workout room and my eating habits. She inspires me to want to better, and develop a healthier overall lifestyle! Her passion is contagious!

Christine Burke

I have stage 4 cancer so I am doing everything I can to build a strong immune system to help my body fight it off in addition to the traditional cancer treatments I am doing.  According to my doctors, one critical part of building up my immune system is exercising every day.  By going to Michelle just 3 times per week, I have been able to transform my body.  She keeps meticulous notes on every exercise I do, how many, what muscles she is working and rotates that into a big picture that has gotten me stronger without any injuries.  She also has so much knowledge on nutrition.  It is helpful, interesting and fun to have nutrition discussions during our work out time.  I am so thankful to have Michelle managing my exercise routine during this critical time.  I highly, highly recommend her as a personal trainer and/or nutrition expert.

Tami & Frank

We are the fittest and the healthiest that we have been in our life, thanks to working out with Michelle. Her creative workouts and tailored instruction brings results! It’s amazing the level of confidence and self-esteem being fit brings to other areas of our life. Now, we share “being fit” and “making healthy choices” with our kids. Feeling great has never been so fun! 

Michael Shannon, M.D.

Working with Michelle has been "a weekly walk in the land of physical and nutritional conditioning".

Instead of being work, it feels like a walk with a good friend who cares about my well being.

She has carefully adapted my work out to my age and physical issues but each week guides me and

pushes me to extend the limit of what i can do. Our discussions about nutrition add to the value of

each session and help keep me focused on trending in the right direction.

Laura Oliver

I have been training with Michelle for almost one year and I only have great things to say about her. I HAVE LOST 8 POUNDS OF BODY FAT!!! I feel better than ever and she is the best motivator. She truly believes that I am strong and capable which makes me believe that and when I finish a session with Michelle, I feel strong not only in my body but my mind too. When I started with Michelle, I was flabby city and could only jump rope for 30 seconds and now I'm up to 2 minutes! She is super positive too. She always has great tips on nutrition and vitamins and never made me feel bad or guilty if I didn't eat as healthy as I should. Not only that but she is very flexible and if I ever need to reschedule, she always works with me. Since starting with Michelle, my body has changed and become more muscular and I love the results. Michelle is not only the best trainer but a great motivator to make my entire life better. I am going to run my first 5K soon and I truly feel like I am a better, more productive person because of what she has taught me.

Cara Cragun

Working out with Michelle is like the perfect balance of pleasure and pain! She pushes you hard enough past your comfort zone to see results and does so with efficiency and creativity. Her tremendous amount of knowledge and experience give me confidence and her attitude is inspiring. With her help, I have been able to meet my fitness goals and have fun in the process! Frankly, she's the best!

Candy Antone

I have worked with Michelle for more than 4 years. She is skilled, caring, and a pleasure to work with and talk to. She encourages without being too pushy and has helped tone my body with exercise and her knowledge on proper nutrition. I recommend highly!

Andrea LaFountain

I have been working out with Michelle for almost a year and have lost several inches and pounds of body fat. In addition to seeing dramatic and concrete results with Michelle, she has inspired me to take better care of my body and has made working out something I look forward to on a daily basis. She is a strong but encouraging trainer, extremely knowledgeable, and her positive attitude and enthusiasm for healthy living is more than contagious.

Maureen Sullivan

I have been exercising with Michelle Kyman for 3 years. Believe me, I'm a fan! I have presented numerous challenges to Michelle due to past multiple orthopedic injuries and surgeries. Michelle has always risen to the occasion to accommodate me. Unrelated to my exercise program with Michelle, I had rotator cuff surgery. I could not exercise for several weeks but wanted to continue staying in shape. Michelle devised a program to work me from the waist down. Later, I had hip arthroscopy due to a previous injury. She had an exercise plan for me from the waist up and kept me moving and energized. One of my favorite things about Michelle, besides her charm and encouragement, is her varied routines. You never get bored! She has an organized lineup of routines each session that work the entire body, part by part. She keeps you busy and stimulated while being cautious of your safety. In a holistic approach, she is very knowledgeable about anatomy, health, and nutrition. In a nutshell, Michelle is the BEST!

Kristi Blazier

I started training with Michelle about a year and a half ago. Since then I have lost 30 pounds and feel better than i ever have. Along with the weight loss I have lowered my cholestrol to the point that medication is no longer nessecary.Not to mention I am stronger then I ever have been. Michelle is the best trainer I have ever worked with and her exercise routines are fun and innovativate. Coming from a person that does not love to work out.. I could not wait for our training sessions. Michelle really knows how to create a work out rountine that best fits your needs and it is always something new and exciting. This may sound cheesey and somewhat like an infomercial but I will continue to train with Michelle for many years to come.

Sara Maher

I am a high school volleyball player. After six months of training with Michelle, I am much stronger now, having increased my core strength and balance. Each time I work out with Michelle, she has me do different agility drills, which have improved my quickness almost weekly. I really look forward to the twice a week I get to work out with Michelle because she makes it so much fun, and the results definitely show in my game on the court!


I had so much fun training with Michelle this past summer. Before we got started, we sat down and talked about what I wanted to accomplish by the end of the summer and that's exactly what happened. I lost body fat, gained a lot of muscle, could see more definition in my body and changed my eating habits. I am now a healthier me thanks to Michelle's help. Her workouts are always different and always challenging. Because of her knowledge and experience as an elite athlete, I know I can trust her to get me ready to compete at the highest level.


The most awesome part about working with Michelle is that no matter what skill level you're at, she enthusiastically pushes you to do your best and makes getting in shape fun! I always look forward to going to Michelle's because I know she will help me improve and set goals for myself.

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